Want to eat delicious apple pies!

Overflowing apple pies project


Make deliciously



Finish making apple pies!

Finish making apple pies!

0.Preparation Is there anything not having?


A-01 A refrigerator
Make dough cold and sleeping
A-02 An oven(or an oven range)
Bake pies
A-03 A little cool room
For stretching pie dough, under about 25 degrees celsius is better


B-01 A scale
Measure amounts
B-02 A sieve(a colander accepted)
Sieve flour
B-03 A bowl
Mix pie dough
B-04 Anything to mix dough(a scraper, a rice paddle etc.)
Mix pie dough
B-05 Anything to mix at simmering(a heat-resistant spatula, a rice paddle etc.)
Mix pie dough
B-06 Plastic wrap or a vinyl bag like those
Make pie dough sleep
B-07 A kitchen knife
Cut apples and dough
B-08 A pot
Make boiled apples and cream
B-09 A rolling pin
Stretch pie dough
B-10 A fork
Close dough
B-11 Anything to lay(A sheet or a cutting board)
Lay it under when dough is being stretched
B-12 Baking paper
Spread it at time to bake pies
B-13 An oven tray
Put it under at time to bake pies


C-01 Flour 146g
All-purpose flour 66g, pastry flour 80g(substitutable if it is not had)
C-02 Butter 90g
C-03 Water 50g
C-04 Apples(eatable parts) 300g
An amount about 2 apples
C-05 Milk 200g
Low fat milk is acceptable. it is cost-cutting and healthy
C-06 Sugar 95g

Next doing

First, start 1.Dough!