The theme is "PRODUCTIVITY"

With living at an apartment with no space, but farming is wanted!
Because of it, with using planters, crops are cultivated.
It should not need to be excellent and not need to go well. These experiences are piled up little by little!

CropsThe members in Planta Farm

EnvironmentFor now, doings are like these

Soil is bought at 100 yen shop, the compost is mixed into it, and red ball soil is used for carrots which want drainage. For now, there are no rules so much.
Watering is with normal tap water. If soil begins drying, watering is done.
Because the place is surrounded an outdoor unit of air conditioner and a washing machine at the balcony, its ventilation is wrong. It is thought that it is pitiful if no measures are taken.
Because the balcony is faced the northwest, no sunlight enters so much.

Hardship about care for cropsThere are various difficulties

Be care for disease!
All the planting time, "powdery disease" which makes leaves white is troubling.
Carrots get this easily, these leaves become white with carelessness, these are wiped out, it is difficult...
Because it is seem like it is not good that moisture easily fills, the balcony which can not provide sunlight and ventilation easily may be unsuitable.
Be care for insect, too!
If traces eaten by insects are found..., the next is seeking these insects anyways.
As there is an insecticide spray which is kind for leaves, insects are sprayed with it, weaken and arrested.
Because scarab beetle larvae appeared in soil, it is not able to be careless for the inside of soil, too.
Check every morning!
The best is to make observation in the early morning. Doing check is every morning at the time when it is getting bright.
If it looks like there is no need, doing is watching it over only. If soil is dry, it is watering. If leaves become white, it is cutting only these parts off.
It is only to look it a moment. It is only to take a little look at the balcony. It is thought that continuing only this every morning is a necessary thing of the care.
In groping about fertilizer
Still in groping, tentatively, it is only giving some fertilizers but they are not well understood about.
It is not enough, it is too much, or it is wrong, it is in trial.

Use kitchen waste effectively

🗑Parts to throw away become compost
With parts to throw away, seeds, peels, skins, hulls etc., of vegetables and fruits, compost is made.
A plant pot can be for compost, soil is put into it, the waste is buried there and left long time. It is that only.
They return to soil if they are left. The power of nature is great.
Fish bones are put into the pot, but, big ones remain without breaking down.
🍌Banana peels are thrown as they are
It is good that they become compost, but, as they are large amount, they are made not be the compost. They are dried in the sun one time, cut into small pieces and thrown on soil.
🥚Egg shells are mixed into soil
It is seem that egg shells can not be broken down and do not become compost. But, when they are broken into small pieces and mixed into soil, they can adjust that the soil does not become acid.
🥜Peanut shells are put on the bottom of a pot
Peanut shells are also not suitable for compost, but, it is seem that they can use as substitutes of pot bottom stones.
It is not tried yet, but they are kept to try to use when a new pot will be made next time.

"PRODUCTIVITY" is the big ambitionShow heart just a little

The world is dominated by the value of money, but, it is a superficial thing. The money as a tool exists to smooth bartering.
GURUGURU-MOYOU believes that being able to produce something which can be exchanged to other things even in limited spaces is big advantage for surviving in future.
Advancement of productivity can not do a short time. If there are hardships, failures, and trial and error about resolution for them, only then it can be mastered. To get ahead of an age when such an original know-how is important is the big ambition of GURUGURU-MOYOU.