Zero Bugs Dev.
system creation starts making
the test specification
at first.
What's "Zero Bugs Dev."?
Bugs and defects are human errors so-called.
"Zero Bugs Dev." is a development style not to miss these errors. With test specifications created in advance, it is possible to proceed developments whole doing perfect tests everytime.
Can not make a concrete test specification at first!
It is okay to spread it from understandable or imaginatable. In addition, it does not need to be perfect, it is important that the concrete image can be got and the direction is fixed.
Without doing hassle things, want to start right now!
You should try to start from now, Hasty-san. It becomes stuck in the middle, you should probably think you should have got it done properly.
During proceeding, want to do many other things!
At first, all things decided at the beginning are created up until the last. When they are done, next plans should be properly made and advanced. Do anything in no rush, in order!
In detail, there is the summarized information in "The new wind of system creation".
There are more others!
It's to communicate. It's to say anything to want to say. It's to listen to anyone properly. It's to work on anything realizing the responsibility and the enjoyment of making the things arriving to anyone's hands up.
The reason anything is done properly is for keeping in mind to work on anything being conscious of these!