It is the explanation about "GURUGURU-MOYOU".

The goal for "GURUGURU-MOYOU"
Anyone goes happily, finely, and positively. It is aimed to make the society where everyone is active freely and as they wish. For that, "GURUGURU-MOYOU" thinks that it is important to know properly, study properly, and express fearlessly with confidence.
How has "GURUGURU-MOYOU" been named ?
The origin of the name is from mysterious marks which are around the world of the games named "Last Log" and "Ten no Tsurugi" produced by "Yu", the representative of GURUGURU-MOYOU. If they can interest you, please try to play these games. As this name, GURUGURU-MOYOU wants to stir the world round and round.
The representative of GURUGURU-MOYOU. Challenge any genre with coming to mind. Be active as game creator, programmer, music producer, illustrator, etc. Please check #9th creative more!