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The development flow(in-house case) GC01

The following is the flow of the case devising in-house and developing.
The preparation of development
Making the test specification
Deciding the form or the direction wanted to make
Making the test specification
Number of letters, supporting environment, version or etc.
Deciding the day of release and by reverse calculation, deciding the schedule
The work of development
(The start)
Advancing the development based on the test specification
Adding necessary items in the test specification if they exist
Correcting excess or deficiency which could not be noticed at the time to make the test specification
Testing parts right then when they are completed and confirming the Implementation
Additional ideas(can be responded
Adding necessary items in the test specification
Advancing the development of the additional parts
Additional ideas(can not be responded
Making the reason of impossible clear, determining the handling(brought to next phase, advanced with reviewing the day of release, or etc.)
Keeping it recorded in the form which can be soon confirmed later
Before release
(The finish of development)
Doing the total test based on the test specification, fixing any defects if they exists
Announcing before release
Announcing any things wanted to announce before release if they exist
At the time of release
Releasing the complete version
Announcing about release
Announcing that it is released and announcing promotion of use
The flow of contract development is here.