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First, what is the origin of a word of "metaverse"?

It is written "metaverse" in English.
It is a coined word made from prefix "meta" meaning transcending or high dimension and "universe".
The origin is a name of a virtual space in the SF novel "Snow Crash".

What is the definition of "metaverse"?

It is a system that an avatar that is another of self is moved to be able to do something in virtual 3 dimensional space.
So, it seems that it has conditions as "virtual 3 dimensional space", existing an "avatar" and getting "to move freely".

What is "digital twin"?

It is not a full virtual space but a virtual space reproduced from a real space as it is.
If a city is reproduced as it is, it is approachable and easy to enter this world.
An inner of a building is created and it is possible to walk artificially .

Advantages of metaverse

As flying in the sky or running around anywhere, it is possible to do anything that is impossible in real. It is also possible to move momently.
By expressed using three dimensional space, it is possible to do realistic experiences.
As exceeding online connections until now, new other possibilities are hidden.


At a present time, it is service after all and as all erases with the end of service, it is good to enjoy with decision for that.
For a future, if it will attract attention more, it will be maintained and will become cramped in exchange for safe and secure.
Because of even virtual reality, I want to produce spaces in where dreams are enjoyed properly in chances to do.
Still, it seems only dreams are leading, but I want to make it usable and happinessful facing the true real patiently.
It seems that collaboration with the real world such as digital twins have real possibilities.
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